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In Beernem, you can bask on the pace of nature. Varied landscapes, field areas and characteristic levels, to the 220 hectare Provincial Park Bulskampveld with castle park and mysterious forests, the typical environment of the historic Ghent-Bruges with its rich fauna and flora, the mountain of Oedelem with its rolling meadows and fields, provide endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, equestrian and boating. En route you will find numeroushistorical need, remarkable castles hidden in the greenery and picturesque villages.

Walking Routes in Beernem

Beaver Houts path

Beaver Wood Field Walk explores the surroundings of the historic Beaver Wood Field. Starting from the hamlet of the Field Mill in Oedelem, through scenic hiking drove an extensive exploration of the valuable landscape made. Beyond the canal Ghent-Ostend leads the tour through a harmonious agricultural area. Quiet country roads and historic need to bring the wanderer back his starting point.

Oedelem Mountain Hiking

This trail was opened on 25 May 2008 and explores the green countryside of Oedelem Berg still 23 meters above the sea level protrudes. You can enjoy the scenery of the mountain stream valley and drove around the castle Ten Torre and the farm Ter Leyden. Let your further surprised by some unknown and unpaved trails and enjoy the scenery on top of our 'mountain'.


The Boswandelpad explores the 63 hectare green and private domain of the psychiatric center St-Amand. It introduces you to the various building complexes, most of which date from the period 1858-1930. Each building has its own garden and most were in their original state. The path crosses also 8ha large national forest, introduces you to the fish pond and the sheep farm 'Birch'. The forest is walking under a beautiful tree gallery in an oasis of peace and greenery. The hike is also linked to the educational nature trail St-Amand (see below).

Bycicles tour

The Bruges woodland

The Bruges woodland combines the open countryside of polders and Oldland Zwin region around Damme, the wooded greenery of the Woodland and Tieltse Molenland. This green lung around the world famous city of Bruges is a perfect place to unwind. Canals and dikes, imposing forts and castles, timeless villages and abbeys, and many other attractions invite you to visit.


Located along the Ghent-Bruges canal in Beernem, the domain of Beernem. Watersportclub association, is it Boathouse an ideal location for a meal, a snack, an ice cream or pancakes.

The unique framework in the middle of the marina provides a permanent holiday atmosphere. In the summer you can enjoy the sunshine hours and its surroundings on the terrace. In the winter months the restaurant exudesa cozy and warm atmosphere.

Looking for adventure? Under the wings of the association of Beernem Watersportclub the into the Boathouse also offer a whole range of water sports from boating to water skiing and wakeboarding! Anything can.