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The belgium coast

The Belgian side is the principal name given but one can also name it the “Belgian littoral”, the “Flemish coast” (because of its geographical location, in Flanders) or “Vlaamse Kust” (in Dutch, the Flemish coast).


The East coast located at 110 km of Brussels (for Ostend) or at 30 km from Beernem. The coastal main city is Ostend, with 70.000 inhabitants. Bruges is located at 25 km in the grounds compared to the sea. However, “Venice of North” lays out d’ an important port on the littoral: Zeebruges (or correct French, in Dutch “Zeebrugge” Bruges-Sea or Bruges-on-Sea). Ghent is located halfway d’ Ostend and of Brussels, is to approximately 55 km of the beaches ostendaises. The Belgian littoral is characterized by beaches, dunes, polders and then the Flemish plain. The majority of the seaside resorts of the Coast are made up of dams skirted by high buildings d’ dwellings with sight on the beaches and the North Sea. The average density of all the communes of the littoral is of 636,18 inhabitants to the km ².